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Terms and Conditions
  • These terms and conditions apply to the use of the website www.generousgesture.nl and especially to the agreements GG made with customers about deliveries. Customers agree with these terms and conditions when they accept an offer or make an order
  • There are clear rules and regulations for delivery and payment, to which Generous Gestures promises to keep
  • Only the Dutch law applies to the conditions of the online web store Generous Gestures.
  • If, due to a misprint or programming error on the website or in an email, Generous Gestures is not able to supply items, GG cannot be held responsible. If this happens GG will adjust the price.
  • Our delivery terms apply to every offer, order, and agreement between customers and GG.
  • An agreement is made when GG confirms the order in written form or by email. When customers place an order they agree with the terms of delivery.
  • Only when there is an agreement in writing with GG, different terms of delivery are valid.
  • GG is authorized to change the terms of delivery and content of the website at all times.
  • Offers made by GG are binding unless an unintentional mistake has been made and this can be proven. GG is at all times allowed to change or cancel offers. All offers are on availability of the product.
  • GG’s administration is the evidence of the orders and payment by the customer to GG and of the deliveries of GG, unless there is evidence to the contrary. GG also acknowledges that electronical communication is valid as evidence.
  • All the prices are in Euros or US Dollars and include VAT and other taxes charged by the government but do not include delivery charges unless mentioned elsewhere or agreed on paper.
  • The agreement will be invalid if there is a problem with the payment and the goods delivered to the customer are therefore owned by GG. The customer will have to pay for the return of the goods to GG and is responsible for the goods to return in their original state, unless agreed otherwise.
  • If customers fail to satisfy to the agreement, GG is allowed to let them pay for any extra costs.
  • GG can disband or postpone the agreement extrajudicial immediately if customers do not fulfill to the agreements concerning payment.
  • When the agreed delivery time is exceeded by GG, GG will inform the customer immediately and the customer is allowed to disband the agreement with GG by sending an email or letter to GG.
  • In case of circumstances beyond one’s control and/or special circumstances: GG is not obliged to keep to the commitment to the customer if GG cannot be held responsible for circumstances which are out of their power, by law, or legal transaction.
  • GG is not liable for any miscommunication, damage, delay, or indistinctness with regard to ordering and announcements if the internet or any other ways of communication is used between GG and the customer.
  • Every complaint concerning delivery, quality, or any other quality of GG, will be taken seriously by GG and considered within a reasonable amount of time.
  • Complaints concerning damage or the wrong delivery (for example, when different items are delivered) should be reported by the customer within two days from the delivery to GG and GG will then discuss the returning process with the customer. If the order is send back, the money will be paid back as soon as the order has returned to the repository of GG in good conditions.
  • If a product is returned in a damaged condition of which GG thinks the customer has fault, GG will let the customer know by letter or email. GG has the right to transfer the devaluation to the customer by deducting the return money of the customer.
  • Personal information will be saved but only used to process the order of the customer and not given to a third party.

GG is a part of Buro Petr van Blokland + Claudia Mens and is situated on Rietveld 56, 2611 LM in Delft, The Netherlands. The company is registered in the Handelsregister of the Kamer van Koophandel Haagland, number 27237753 Delft. If you have a question not answered on the website, you can send us an email (claudia@petr.com) and we will respond to you as soon as possible.

If the ordered shawl is not what you expected, you can return it, but only if it is still in the original package and if you inform us of the return within two days after you received the shawl. The expenses of the returning are for the customer. You can then choose a new shawl, we will not return money.

GG is not liable for any damage, direct of indirect, from the use from the products (delivered and) sold by GG. GG is also not liable or responsible for loss or damage of goods at the delivery.

GG is not liable for any damage whatsoever, caused by and/or arising from the inability of using the website, wrong, incomplete, or old information on the website, and unlawful use of the systems of GG, among which the website, by a third party.

The shawls of GG are handmade of natural materials, which means that they are not identical. Please keep in mind that there can be slight color differences between the photos and the actual shawl. If the shawls don’t live up to your expectation, let us know.

Delivery and delivery period
GG only accepts orders if the customer pays the sum beforehand. GG is not liable for any damage caused by the exceeding of the announced delivery time.

Shipping costs within the Netherlands
Shipping costs are 5 euro within the Netherlands. Picking up the shawl is also possible; please make an appointment if you want to do this. GG is not liable for loss or damage during transport or for lost packages.

Shipping costs outside of the Netherlands
Shipping costs are included within the prize of the shawl.

Payment and prizes
The prizes mentioned are in Euro’s or US Dollars and include VAT and include delivery costs in side Europe and the USA. There are several ways of paying: cash (if you pick the shawl in Delft); by PayPal (www.paypal.com) and with an invoice (first you transfer money to our account). If the payment is received, we will send the order as soon as possible.