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The shawl

A Generous Gesture
The shawl is a gift. By giving it, the giver wants to tell something to someone,
“I give this unique shawl to my..”.
For the receiver it is a way to express himself/herself. Depending on how the shawl is folded, emphasis is laid on either typography or ornament with which every shawl is decorated. A combination of both typography and ornament shows a new image every time.

The typography consists of alliterating word combinations, such as Marvelous Mother, Glorious Girl, Fabulous Friend, Super Secretary, Velvet Valentine, Lovely Lover, …
It is because of these word combinations and the particular typography that the gift becomes personal. The ornament consists of several motives of leaves, 'reminiscence from our distant past, when a roof of foliage gave us a feeling of security and protection'.

The shawls are produced in block-print, provided with an embroidered frame, the material is silk, and they measure 20x80 inch (50 x 200 cm). The typeface – Productus – is a design by Petr van Blokland, published by The Font Bureau in Boston.

All the shawls are hand embroidered.

The shawls are made of Rajshahi Bengali silk, woven by the shot or changeant technique. If the fabric moves the color changes and is continuously different. The clarity of the colors is extraordinary!

The gift
With the shawl comes a little book about the people who make the shawls and how they are made, to make both the giver and the receiver conscious of the origin of the shawl with the assistance of photos and background stories. A Fair Trade certificate within the booklet makes the gift complete. Every shawl is unique because it is handmade.

Spreads from the booklet

The shawl and the booklet are shipped together in a matching box with the Generous Gesture logo silkscreened on it. After receiving, the box can be used to store your shawl.

The shawl is wrapt in blotting paper to keep it safe