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A Generous Gesture

The basic principle of Generous Gestures is creating Fair Trade products: the wish to exchange ideas and skills, a win-win situation for both parties. Together with Elizabeth Visser from Strawberries-fabrics, Generous Gesture started cooperating with a non-governmental organization (NGO) in Bangladesh, Kumudini Welfare Trust.
www.strawberries-fabrics.nl | www.kumudinibd.org

“Making a Generous Gesture” applies to all parties involved in the product; The giver makes a Generous Gesture towards the person he or she presents this gift; it is a way of showing affection; The manufactures of the shawls: weavers, diesinkers, dyers, and embroiders: they all make a Generous Gesture by making these beautiful products for us.

The NGO Kumudini Welfare Trust is generous by not only giving people a job, but also health insurance, and an education; Strawberries-fabrics is the generous contact between the people in Bangladesh and the designers in the Netherlands; Claudia Mens initiated the idea of a Generous Gesture, but could never have dreamed that the result would show so soon!
Exclusive, a limited edition
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Bronze ED Award Winner

Nomination German Design Awards 2011 Generous Gesture has been nominated for the German Design Awards 2011.

Generous Gesture
Rietveld 56
2611 LM Delft
The Netherlands
T +31 15 887 12 33

The Font Bureau in Boston is supporter of this fair trade project.